Will hemorrhoids go away on their own

Do not place high hope that hemorrhoids will go away on their own. For minor cases, a trip to the pharmacy store for an over the counter ointment could likely look after the affliction. But in most instances, the solution is not really that straightforward and medical surgery could even be required.

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Hemorrhoids flare up is part and parcel of life?

Many doctors will assure you that piles flare up is a pretty routine “business” and is part of a normal life. But they will not be able to advise on how long it takes for a hemorrhoid to vanish as it depends upon a number of aspects:

1. What kind of hemorrhoid you are suffering from – Internal or external?

2. How severe is the pile condition? Does it leads to bleeding as well?

Some common indicators of having piles include bloodstain on your toilet tissue, sharp pain during bowel release or itching in your rectum area.

Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective “ACTIONS” that will help to heal the annoying hemorrhoids.

1. Consuming too much processed foods. It has been scientifically proven that our body will develop harder stool and having difficulty in digesting any processed foods. This in time will cause constipation and other concerns which can lead to piles. Thus it is vital that when you are suffering and trying to heal hemorrhoids, you need to cut down and if possible avoid all processed sugars and foods.

2. Sedentary way of living. Prolong period of sitting can develop excessive remain seatedpressure on the anus spot and this invokes an ideal environment for a hemorrhoid to take place. Thus, make it a point not to remain seated for over an hour and do some simple stretches in between to promote healthy blood flow to the rectum.

3. Include soluble dietary fiber to your diet plan. Adequate dietary fibers will make your stool soft and paddy and easy to be release without the need to exert much pressure to the rectum. Go for food such as wheat bread, oatmeal or wheat bran cereal with a lot of vegetables and fruit. Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water daily as well.

4.Good hygiene practice. It is important to keep the delicate anus spot clean and dry after each bowel release. Avoid aggressive cleaning on anus area as it would irritates the skin and cause hemorrhoid flare up. You may like to replace the rough toilet paper with baby wipes for cleaning the anus. The damp wipe will ensure that the fragile anus tissue is not irritated during the cleaning process.

Yes, some hemorrhoids do go way after torturing you for months but there is a tendency that they will come to you again. In fact, it is not at all difficult to have piles eliminated for good. If you keen to learn more about it, please CLICK HERE! 

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