Why does my hemorrhoids keep coming back

You just had a surgical operation to have your annoying hemorrhoid removed. But barely 2 months later, that horrible hemroid came back “looking” for YOU again! Oh gosh…you may be pondering “why does my hemorrhoids keep coming back?”


The answer to your query is simple and straightforward. You did NOT have it CURED right from the start, so how would you hope it would disappear from your life! Getting your piles removed through surgical procedure will merely eliminate your disorder temporary. The triggering causes for your hemorrhoid flare up aren’t addressed yet.

So, what you NEED to do now will be to have a look at what’s causing your hemroid distress. Following are some prevalent factors that like to “bring” piles to YOU.

  1. Your bowel habit. Most of the time, you will get the answer from here. How long do you take to clear your stool? On an average, it will normally take about 5 – 8 mins. But if you have the habit of reading newspaper or “playing” with your mobile phone while carrying out this task, you will likely remain seated in toiletry bowel for at least 15 mins or more. This is obstructing the blood circulation to your anus area causing your hemorrhoid to appear. Thus, be mindful on how long you spend in your bowel activity.
  2. Your diet plan. What you have for each meal plays an essential role infruits determining if your pile finds you as their target. Having said that, you may be scraping your head how does your diet linked to your hemorrhoid flare up? Well, if your stool is soft and smooth, you wouldn’t need much effort to clear it, right? But, if your feces is tough and rough, you will need to exert additional strain to your rectum to “force” it out. Exerting extra pressure to your anus blood vessels will cause it to get inflamed and swollen, thus leading to hemroid. Always opt for food which are high in soluble fiber content such as Brown rice, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Raspberries, Celery, Mushrooms, Oat, Pumpkin etc. Another important point, ensure you consume adequate water daily, at least 8 glasses of water.
  3. Your working environment. What is the nature of your job? Do you have to remain seated to your seat for prolong period during working hours? If you job is desk bound, get yourself a donut seat cushion or donut pillows. This cushion is designed to relieve the pressure that is acting on your rectum spots, thus reducing your likelihood of “catching” hemorrhoid.
  4. How you clean up your anus? Review what you have been using to cleanse your anus spot after each bowel activity. Some inferior toilet roll had a rather rough texture and can possible cause your dedicate anus area to get inflamed, especially if you have the habit of constantly “rubbing” the spot to ensure total cleanliness.  Consider making a change by using baby wipes. I can assure you that you will find its beneficial effort in preventing hemorrhoids.

Now that you’ve learnt what’s causing your persistent hemorrhoid distress, it’s time to take action from HERE to eliminate your current infuriating piles swiftly within 48 hours

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