Why do you get hemorrhoids

Having that excruciating feeling coming right from your butt is never a pleasant experience. In worse instances, you could possibly see blood stain in your stool as well. If this seem to be your current situation, YOU are definitely not alone. Most folks at some point in their live will come across this horrible discomfort, widely known as hemorrhoids in medical term.


Hemorrhoids in fact is certainly not a fatal illness. In fact, I would not really call it an “illness” but rather a health disorder that need to be address by the patient. Many may opt for surgical procedures as an easy solution to end their suffering, however, in most cases, this turns out to be the start of their long lasting nightmare. Not only do you have to bear with the surgical pain as well as the high medical cost, the likelihood of your hemorid relapsing is almost 50%. Without having the root causes eliminated, the disorder wouldn’t vanish right?

Having say that, You ought to have a look at WHAT’s triggering your piles distress.

  1. Bowel Habit. How long do you normally spend in clearing your bowel? If you have the habit of reading newsletter or surfing net with smartphone, I would strongly recommend that  you immediately stop it. Prolong period of seating in toilet bowel will obstruct your blood circulation in rectum area leading to hemorrhoid flare-up.
  2. Eating habit. It’s time to review your meals? What do you normallymeal have for each meal? Does your meal consist of adequate soluble fiber items? Fiber play an important role in ensuring that you can easily release your stool without the need to strain your anus. Thus, include food such as oatmeal, cereal, apples, pears, nuts, celery, brown rice, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes etc.
  3. Cleanse of anus. What do you use to cleanse your anus after bowel activity? Toilet paper? Have a look at the texture. Is it too coarse? Do you use it to “rub” your anus excessively? Do you keep your anus spot  free from moisture? These small actions can easily lead to your never ending piles distress. Consider replacing the coarse toilet roll with wet baby wipes. This work well in addressing my hemorid problems.
  4. Light exercise do the job? Yes, you need not go for overwhelming workout. Slow stroll, swimming and even yoga stretches work extremely well in ensuring that you have a smooth and unobstructed blood flow to your rectum. This in turn will greatly reduce your possibility of “catching” hemorrhoids.

Now that you are aware of some prevalent causes that bring about hemorrhoid distress, it’s time for YOU to take ACTIONS from HERE and have your annoying piles cured for good! 

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