Why do hemorrhoids happen

Are you having hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids or piles are a pretty common health disorder. This painful condition can take place in any age group and gender with the elderly taking the lead. In fact, I believe every one of us will experience hemorrhoids at some point in life and it all come to how “severe” is the ailment and what does it take to have it treated swiftly, ending your suffering.

why do hemorrhoids happen

Why do hemorrhoids happen?

Doctors will often describe piles as a flare up that occurs due to constant high pressure in the rectum capillaries of your physical body, which takes place naturally since we usually remain upright most of the time, except sleeping. Hemorrhoids are also prevalent in pregnant ladies as the result of the extra pressure exerted on the lower body due to the weight of infant as well as the changes in hormone during expectant periods. Other form of factors arise from stressing persistently to release feces, which is most likely if you do not take in sufficient dietary fiber or lifting up heavy objects or weights.

How do you know if you are suffering from piles distress?

Some primary symptoms of hemorrhoids flare up include:
1. Blood loss, with bright red blood during bowel motion
2. Itchiness as well as inflammation around the anus spot
3. Throbbing discomfort and also soreness near anus region
4. Soiling of undergarments with feces

Itching as well as inflammation are 2 of the most common complaint by hemorrhoid victims. It occurs since the bumpy piles stop serving as soft pads to keep the mucous in; rather, it turn into little mucous that pop out from the rectum and aggravates the location around it. This also lead to much discomfort as a result of swelling around the hemorrhoids, making any activities that needs contact with lower body a nightmare. In severe instances, blood loss (which appears as fresh bright red color) could be found on stool.

What YOU can do to heal this disorder?


1. Clean the inflamed location (piles) gently with warm salted water, to gradually get rid of the irritant mucous that has actually dripped out. After which, dry the region with cotton wool and apply a bit of oil jelly (readily available from drug stores) to aid the healing.

2. Use only wet tissue or soft toilet tissue to clean up your rectum after each bowel motion. Avoid rubbing on the piles, try patting to reduce any aggravation on the inflamed anus veins.

3. Stay clear of irregular bowel movements by consuming more fresh green vegetables and fruit along with wheat, corn, and brown rice which are naturally rich in insoluble fiber that had amazing effect in averting constipation.

4. If you have an unbearable pain caused by piles, try using hemorrhoid lotion or gel. A pharmacologist will certainly be able to assist you in deciding the one that works for your hemorrhoid distress. But do note that hemorrhoid lotion or gel will does not treat your piles, it will only alleviate the soreness gradually till the pile vanishes on its own accord which could take few weeks or a month.

5. Use of aloe vera treatement. Aloe vera had a long history as one of the popular sought after remedy in treating any inflammation. This natural plant not merely provides instant smoothing effect on the inflamed cells but also aids in the healing progress as well. You could easily get aloe vera gel or cream from most pharmacy and use it at your convenience from home.

I hope you would have gain some insight on why hemorrhoids “look” for you and how you can combat piles easily with the above approaches. In fact, hemorrhoids can be swiftly smoother within just 24 hours right from HERE! 

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