What do you do if you have a hemorrhoid

Countless folks from various walks of life would have this embarrassing moment at some point in their days, that is, the flare up of hemorrhoids. This disorder often causes not merely discomfort but also awkwardness to the sufferers due to the nature of the infected location. Let’s be frank, who would like to expose your anus to anyone including the doctors that you need help from….


Fortunately, you can free yourself from the embarrassment by learning WAYS to self managed your piles distress and have them cured.

But before we touch on the remedies to have hemorrhoids eliminated, let’s talk about WHY piles “look” for you?

Hemorrhoids emerge when tension from the capillaries in the rectum region gets built up. This is often the end result of straining during bowel motion or having seated on the toilet bowel for prolong periods of time, which can obstruct the proper flow of blood in the anus veins.

So, as long as NO pressure is exerted on your rectum capillaries, you should be free from hemorrhoids nightmare. With this in mind, let’s review:

What do you do if you have a hemorrhoid?

1. Grape seed oil works well in shrinking the pile’s swelling and offer instant comfort from the pain brought on by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhaging from piles can be a measure of infection and grape seed oil will help to get rid of that infection.

2. Rutin, a substance commonly present in citrus fruits, buckwheat and tea, possesses potent anti-clotting powers that could help healing hemorrhoids. Weak blood stream often leads to piles distress. Rutin will assist your body in absorbing vitamin C and strengthen your blood canals. You could also go for rutin supplements. Take 500mg of rutin each day.

3. Keep your body moisturized. This can be easily attained through waterhaving at least 8 glasses of plain water daily. This will make your stool soft and paddy, which can be effortless release without straining your anus. Avoid any alcoholic or high caffeine beverages as they could make your body dehydrated.

4. Go for meals that are high in fiber. Dietary soluble fiber makes your feces softer and paddy. If your feces are soft, you would not have to exert pressure on the rectum area to release them, thus avoiding any “injury” to the delicate anus veins. High fiber foods include brown rice, green leafy veggies, bran, celery, broccoli, beans, cabbage, mushrooms, berries as well as oranges. The current recommended daily value for dietary fiber is 25 grams.

As you might have heard or experience hemorrhoids before, this disorder can happen to anyone and causing much discomfort on your daily activities. (Especially during bowel motion which take place everyday). Why suffer in silence when you can have this horrible condition addressed within just 48 hours right from HERE! 

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