What causes hemorrhoids to flare up

Nobody really wants to talk about hemorrhoid distress, and this disorder tends to be one of the most prevalent conditions that majority of us will certainly struggle with during our lives. From medical statistic, about 75 percent of Americans will at some point in their life experiencing piles flare up. And because of the location (anus spot) that it surfaces, many patients feel rather embarrassed to approach doctors for the appropriate treatment.


What causes hemorrhoids to flare up?

Well, hemorrhoids could possibly occur at any age, but are more usual in older folks. As for gender, pregnant ladies tend to have it more regularly. (This had to do with the weight of the infant exerting on the delicate rectum veins and the hormonal modifications). Piles may also arise from straining hard to pass stools (most common trigger factor).

How do you know if you are having hemorrhoids?

Hemroids may come and go along with time. So, it may be possible for hemorrhoids to be self-healed. (Of course, it will not happen overnight and may take weeks and months). Some prevalent symptoms that usually come with piles include:

1. Fresh red bloodstain found in your stool
2. Persistent itching and irritation around anus area
3. Swelling (lumps) found around anus spot, which may hurt

Those having hemroids often experiencing great discomfort when trying to empty their stool as the feces will have to pass through the swelling veins. There are times when this could even lead to bleeding (fresh brilliant red blood seen on feces or toilet tissue).

Can hemorrhoids disappear without any treatment?

Yes, some minor piles can be self-healed without any treatment but it takes times. Why should you make yourself undergoes all the pain when you can end this discomfort easily?

1. Wash the hemorrhoid gently with warm, salted water. This will help tojelly shrink and heal the irritant mucus that has leaked out. Do remember to dry the pile with cotton wool after the cleansing and apply petroleum jelly (you can purchase it from pharmacies) to the spot.

2. Stop using dry, rough toilet tissue. Use only soft bathroom tissue, or baby wipe (wet tissue). Wet tissue would be the best choice, as the moisture that comes with it will prevent any irritation on the swollen piles. Be sure to go for un-perfumed wipe.

3. Avoid wearing any tight underwear and pants. This is to avoid any further scrub on the hemorrhoids.

4. Avoid constipation. This can be accomplished through diet regime. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and bran cereals possess excellent soluble dietary fiber that can help your body in releasing stool easily.

5. Drink lots of water. Water does play a vital role in maintaining our body system health. Besides keeping our body hydrated, it also aids in detoxify our body. Adequate fluid in our body will keep our stool soft and paddy, without the need to strain during bowel motion.

You should not feel embarrassed about piles and suffer in silent. By adopting some lifestyle changes, hemorrhoids can be treated and avoided. In fact, it is possible to have hemorrhoids treated just within 48 hours through the use of natural remedies right from HERE! 

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