What are some natural cures for hemorrhoids

You start experiencing sharp pain when defecating. In some instances, you may even found bloodstain in your stool. The lump that you are having is in fact a disorder commonly known as hemorrhoids.

Piles often bring along much discomfort when you need to stand or seat for prolong duration. Since hemorrhoids is certainly a curable condition, why should you suffer in silence when you had the chances to get it CURED without surgery operation?


What are some NATURAL CURES for hemorrhoids?

1. Start with your diet. Go for fiber rich meal. Soluble dietary fiber helps to make your stool soft and easily to be release without the need to strain during bowel motion. Foods that rich in fiber include oatmeal, grain, apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, flaxseeds, beans, psyllium, cucumbers, celery and carrots.

2. Warm shower in a bathtub. The heat from warm water can soothe the discomfort brought by hemorrhoids. Fill the bathtub with warm water and soak your rectum in it for at least 20 minutes. To get optimum healing effect, you may add some witch hazel solution to the bath as well.

3. Train your rectum muscles. By having regular exercise, your anus muscles will be strengthen and help to ensure that your stool moves along smoothly and swiftly during defecation. This will help in preventing hemorrhoids caused by extreme straining.

4. Lemon drink. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water. The lemonascorbic acid that present in lemon helps in healing any damaged tissues. Have it regularly and your irritating piles will be self cured within a week.

5. Witch hazel. The astringent property that comes along with witch hazel works amazing well in addressing any inflammatory conditions. Simply apply a few drops of witch hazel solution to a cotton wool and used it on your agonizing piles. Repeat this treatment 3 times daily for a week and your hemorrhoid should shrink in size.

As shown above, hemorrhoid CAN be treated if you start taking actions. You may be hoping for piles to get self-healed but in most cases, it will take months and you will have to bear with the pain. Why should you live with the discomfort when hemorrhoid can be treated within just 48 hours right from HERE! 

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