What are some home remedies for hemorrhoids

If you have been experiencing an unpleasant mass in your anal location, beware that you could be suffering from a disorder known as hemorrhoids. Usually you may even found fresh bright red blood on your feces if your piles flare up is serious. You may be reluctant to seek treatment from doctor, as it is rather awkwardness to bare your anus right in front of doctor, right?


So what could be causing your hemorrhoid distress?

Some people are congenitally vulnerable to this condition due to the fact that they are having weak veins in the anal area. This generally gets worse when you had to exert pressure on the already weak anal veins during defecating (when your stool is dry and hard). Pregnant ladies can likewise have hemorrhoids during pregnancy period but after the maternity; the condition will recover by itself without any treatment.

What can YOU do to avoid and treat hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids bring about much discomfort and pain. The good news is that there are already a number of remedies readily available for treating this disorder.

1. Use of petroleum jelly. Apply bit of petroleum jelly to the inflamed anal canal after cleaning the hemorrhoid with warm water. This helps to relieve the pain caused by hemroids.

2. Use of witch hazel gel. Chinese physician commonly used witch hazel in witch hazeltreating any inflammation conditions. The antibacterial capability that present in this natural plant works amazing well in healing hemorrhoids. Apply a bit of witch hazel on the aching piles to address the itching and the discomfort.

3. Avoid dry and hard stools. Stools that are dry tend to need more effort to be released. This could cause injury on the fragile anal veins. Avoid this by making sure that you go for high dietary fiber meal.

4. Avoid prolong seating. If the nature of your job requires that you have to remain seated on the working chair for hours, make an effort to walk around after each hour. This will ease the pressure applied on the rectum veins and avoid piles flare up. A good soft pillow can take the weight off and minimize the stress in sitting down.

5. Wash anus area daily. When having shower, cleanse the anus spot gently with soap and ensure that the area is dry up after the cleaning. Avoid any excessive rubbing on the delicate rectum region as this could lead to irritation.

Doctor would usually recommend for medical surgery to have hemorrhoids removed. Fortunately you do not to go for this option as there are natural remedies listed HERE that could have piles eliminated within just 48 hours. 

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