Ways to cure hemorrhoids naturally

When you start experiencing swollen anus veins, it could bring YOU tons of discomfort, pain and bleeding as well. This is especially so when you need to visit toilet for any bowel release.

While many hemorrhoid patients feel awkward with this disorder and refrain from seeking doctor treatment, this painful piles need to be addressed promptly to avoid any further implication.


WAYS to cure hemorrhoids naturally

1. Use of petroleum jelly. When you need to have defecation, apply some petroleum jelly around your rectum before “doing” the bowel release. By applying petroleum jelly around the anus, it will certainly assist the smooth release of hard and rough stools, avoiding any injury to the fragile anus blood veins.

2. Do not remain seated for long time. Seating posture tends to exert more pressure on the rectum area causing your anus veins to get inflamed. Try to alternate in between sitting and standing throughout the day. This simple practice can help to ease off the pressure that trigger hemorrhoids.

3. Go “delicate” on your anus cleaning. If you already suffering from piles, be gentle when cleaning the swollen anus spot. Cleaning too hard can irritate the hemorrhoids and might even cause them to bleed. Cleaning too often has the very same impact as well.

4. Type of toilet paper you are using. To have your hemorrhoid cured, baby wipesit is worth investing some cost in using wet tissue or baby wipes. The roughness of the dry toilet roll tends to cause injury to the delicate rectum veins causing hemorrhoids distress.

5. Hygiene. One of the oldest and most effective way to stay clear of the hemorrhoid flare up – that is, keep the anus area clean and dry. This will certainly assist to keep the hemorrhoids from becoming infected and induce any pain. In fact, you can easily accomplish that by delicately wash the anus area with warm water during shower.

I hope that hemorrhoid patients will find the above TIPS useful in removing and prevent hemorrhoids distress. For anyone having this painful disorder right now, there is WAY to have piles eliminated within just 48 hours from HERE! 

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