Natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids

Are you upset by that painful and annoying swollen “stuff” which seems to stick in your anus? This can definitely causing you massive discomfort in your daily life and you may be pondering, are there any natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids?


I would surely agree that for some lucky folks, hemorrhoids do go away naturally after tolerating you some maybe a few weeks. But for those unfortunate ones, this irritating hemroids simply just don’t go away despite after medication. For these folks, they ought to seek for alternative treatment on their piles before it gets even worse and lead to hemorrhaging.

If you have been searching around for hemorrhoids remedies, you would know that there are in fact several ways to have it treated. Surgical approaches, herbs remedies or home treatment are some widely adopted techniques.

In this post, I would share with you on some natural and home hemorrhoids treatment that I personally had tried and works amazing on curing my hemorrhoids naturally.

1. Balanced and healthy eating habits. More often than not, your diet regime plays a vital role in your health status. For my case, I’m in fact quite picky on foods. I do not like taking fresh fruits and foodstuff such as beans, oats, wheat, broccoli, raspberries, celery, mushrooms, nuts, brown rice as well as baked potatoes which are typically rich in dietary fiber. But to address my horrible hemorrhoid distress, I make an effort to alter my meal regimen to include foods abundant in soluble fiber and to consume at least a serving of fresh fruit for each meal.

2. Consume adequate drinking water each day?  Do you have at least 8 waterglasses of plain drinking water daily?  I keep having solidified stool due to the lack of fluid in my body. This actually forces me to exert extra pressure in order to release my stool during each bowel activity.  Constant staining on my rectum causes my anus blood veins to get swollen and inflamed leading to hemorrhoids flare up.  Thus, be mindful and ensure that you have sufficient intake of water regularly.

3. Use of Witch Hazel solution. This solution will be for YOU to relieve the inflammation and discomfort that comes with hemroid. I have tested this remedy and gain comfort from the hemorrhoid pain after using it for about 3 days. You can easily get witch hazel solution from any pharmacy stores and used it as per suggested in the label.

4. Use of tea bags. I believe almost all households will have tea bags in their pantry. Do you know that tea bags, in particular green tea, works amazing well in healing any inflammation cells? Just drench the tea bags with warm water and apply it to your swollen anus for about 10 mins interval. Tea possesses tannin, which is a natural astringent for addressing any soreness.

To sum up, it is possible to wait for your hemorrhoids to vanish naturally BUT this will certainly take time and YOU will have to suffer for a much longer period. Why endure all the pain and discomfort when you can easily have it heal naturally within 48 hours from HERE! 

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