Natural remedies for piles treatment

This might happen to you out of the blue. There is a tough lump there (around your anus), and it is not merely unpleasant but also painful. You may start wondering what’s that and would this disappear by itself, or would it be there permanently?


This condition is often known as hemorrhoids or piles and in some mild cases, it might go away by itself. However, most of the times you will need some treatment to have it cured.

Following are some prevalent factors that often leads to piles flare up. Have you found what’s causing your hemorrhoid distress?

1. Constipation
2. Pregnancy
3. Overweight
4. Heavy lifting
5. Lack of vitamin B-6
6. Body’s acid/alkaline imbalance
7. Sitting or standing in one position for long periods of time
8. Inactive lifestyle

Once you had identified what’s causing your pile flare up, it will be much easier to have it treated.

You can adopt some of the following natural WAYS to have your annoying hemorrhoids eliminated.

1. Have sitz baths daily. Alternative, you can sit in a bathtub filled with warm water and a bit of sea salt. The idea is to have a least 2 warm baths every day and to bathe after each bowel motion. Most importantly, you will have to keep your anus spot dry after the bath. The heat from warm water will aid in healing the painful piles.

2. Cut down on dairy products and meat consumption. Spicy food is definitely a “NO GO” till you get your piles under control.

3. Don’t scratch or over wipe the delicate anus area. If your anus spot, which is infected with hemorrhoids, gets itches, avoid scratching it with your fingers. Apply a bit of witch hazel solution on a cotton ball and gently clean the area. Use softer, non-perfumed toilet paper.

4. Use of well-fermented raw yogurt. The lactic acid present in the plain yogurt works extremely well in healing piles swiftly.

5. Have adequate soluble dietary fiber. If you ever find yourself exerting fruitsforceful effort in defecation, then you’re opening the door to hemorrhoid problems. Hemorrhoids generally bleed less and shrink in size when your stool has a softer consistency, which minimizes straining. Thus, make an effort to alter your diet plan to include whole grains, green vegetables and fruits along with adequate intake of plain drinking water.

Often, taking an aggressive step such as surgical treatment should always be your last option. There are many natural remedies right from HERE that you can easily adopt to put you on the roadway to recovery. 

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