Natural home remedies for piles treatment

Having a lump that pops out from your anus is of no doubt going to be an unpleasant and agonizing experience. This condition is commonly known as hemorrhoids and if left untreated, it could possibly lead to bleeding.


Hemorrhoids usually occurs when the veins around your rectum get distended as a result of irregularity, childbirth, heavy lifting, or long periods of sitting. Sufferers will often complain about the unbearable itching and irritability around the anus area when the piles started to flare up.

Fortunately, hemroids can be TREATED and eliminated without going through that pricey and painful surgical procedure.

Natural Home Remedies For Piles Treatment

1. Potato. Besides having it as a snack, potato also works well in healing potatoand relieving discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Cut the potato into small pieces and put them into a mixer. Blend it with a bit of water till it turns into liquid form. Spread the mixture on thin gauze bandage and placed it directly on the swollen anus for 10 minutes. The astringent effect from potato will aid in healing the hemorrhoids.

2. Vinegar. If you need some instant help in stopping that unbearable itchiness and burning sensation on your rectum, this will be your choice. Place a few drops of apple cider or plain vinegar on a cotton ball and gently rub it on your piles. The astringent effect that comes with vinegar will assist to shrink and heal any inflamed capillary.

3. Ice. I’m sure ice is easily available from your home. Break the ice cubes into small pieces and placed them into a zip lock bag. Cover the bag with a thin cotton towel and sit on it (it literally freeze your anus!). This cold compression numbs the piles (offer temporary pain relief) and restricts the flow of blood to the distended anus veins.

4. Aloe vera. A commonly used natural plant in addressing any inflamed aloe veratissues. The same anti-inflammatory constituents that reduce blistering and swelling in burns also help decrease the inflammation of hemorrhoids. Keep aloe vera leaf in fridge and defrost it 10 minutes before use. Extract the flesh from the leaf and apply it right on the hemroids.

I hope that you could start using the above TIPS in healing the painful hemorrhoids that “sticking” with you. In fact, pile can be swiftly CURED within just 48 hours by using the natural home remedies right from HERE! 

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