Make hemorrhoids stop swelling

For those who are struggling with hemorrhoids, you will understand and share the feeling that I’m having right now. The persistent discomfort, pain and irritation on my anus spot (of course it must be due to the appearing of that annoying piles) is giving me a hard times 🙁


There ought to be some reasons as to why I get this horrible hemorrhoid disorder when others seem to be free from this nightmare?

Piles tends to flare up when:
1. Diarrhea
2. Pregnancy
3. Heavy lifting activities
4. Prolong duration of seating
5. Strain during bowel release (because of constipation)

After reviewing the above, I actually found that constipation is the main culprit that leading to my hemorrhoid nightmare. I will definitely not going for any medical surgery to have my pile treated for sure (of course, I’m afraid of the pain but the cost as well). So I have actually do some research and try using natural remedies to have my hemroid treated.

How to make hemorrhoids stop swelling?

1. Diet plan. Constipation is my main cause for pile distress. So I will haveleafy green vegetables to work on this. After reviewing my diet, it was found that I had inadequate soluble dietary fiber in my meal. You see, I prefer deep-fried meats more than anything. Thus, I usually do not have much green leafy vegetables or fresh fruits (these are rich in dietary fiber) in my routine meal. The lack of fiber makes my stool dry and hard. I had to strain on my internal veins within the anal cavity to release them, causing the flare up of hemorrhoids. So, go for the right food!

2. Drink lots of PLAIN water. That’s right, plain drinking water will be the best choice. Avoid any carbonated drinks as they contain too much sugar and wouldn’t help to cleanse your intestinal tract walls and aids defecation. Make a point to have at least 8 glasses of water daily. This will ensure that you had a soft and paddy stool that can be easily release from body without the need to strain during bowel motion.

3. Increase the intake of flavonoids. You may be wondering what benefits can flavonoids do to your hemorrhoids? Well, flavonoids help to safeguard your blood vessels from rupture and heal any swelling in your body. Since hemorrhoid is the swelling of veins in anal area, if the swelling goes away, your piles will be gone. Foods rich in flavonoids include limes, apples, lemons, tomatoes, red cabbage and black beans.

4. 15 minutes of warm bath. A simple yet effective remedy to relieve bathany discomfort that you had with hemorrhoids. Just make use of the bathtub you had in your bathroom, fill it with warm water and rest your lower body in it. For best performance, position yourself in a way that your rectum is fully in contact with the warm water. This will certainly ease the hemorrhoid pain and assist to heal the piles as well. Make sure that you dry up the hemorrhoid location to keep wetness from the puffy tissue after each treatment.

Many hemorrhoid victims keep struggling with the itchiness and irritability around their rectum location. In many cases, the condition can end up (worse) with bleeding. Fortunately, piles can be treated within just 48 hours without costly surgical treatment using the natural remedies right from HERE! 

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