How You Treat Hemorrhoids

If you are experiencing a lump somewhere in your anus spot and causing you much discomfort, beware that this could be a symptom of hemorrhoid distress. Piles are basically varicose veins that form in your anus or rectum region. They typically swell, bleed and itch, which make you having a hard time resting on seat.

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Do not blame on your “bad” luck as you are definitely not alone. This disorder is among the most typical disorders of the anus, influencing as much as half the population by the age of 50. Dealing with piles is not just uncomfortable but embarrassing as well as you might need to “show” your anus right in front of doctor.

Thankfully, you can attempt numerous natural approaches to have your painful piles eliminated without visiting any doctors.

Hemorrhoids typically emerge when you have the following conditions:
1. Strain during defecation
2. Prolong period of sitting
3. Constipation
4. Anal infection
5. Cirrhosis

Knowing your condition will certainly help to heal your hemorrhoid distress.

How You Treat Hemorrhoids

1. Improve your intake of water. It is important to keep your body hydrated by having adequate waterwater daily. This will aid in keeping your feces soft and paddy without the need to strain during bowel release. Without exerting pressure on your rectum, your hemorrhoids will be self healed gradually. Have at least 8 glasses of plain water each day.

2. Avoid exacerbating your hemorrhoids. What do you used to clean your anus after defecation? Dry and rough toilet paper? Do you know that could easily “injure” your delicate anus veins and bring about piles. Start replacing your regular toilet roll with wet tissue or baby wipes. Washing your anus area with water after bowel motion had been proven to be the best option.

3. Apply warm, damp tea bag on your pile. You can do this while resting on the toilet bowl for instant pain relief. The heat of the tea bag will provide calming effect on your hemorrhoids. Tannin discovered in tea is a natural astringent which will certainly assist to lower swelling and heal hemorrhoids.

4. Making use of witch hazel. Swabbing the piles with a cotton ball dipped in undistilled witch hazel will certainly likewise help in curing your hemorrhoid and provide instant discomfort relief. Witch hazel is renowned as one of the most reliable tannin-rich herbs. You can likewise go for medicated cleansing pads which contain witch hazel. They are generally damp and can be made use of in lieu of or in mix with toilet tissue.

Knowing how to manage your hemorrhoids disorder will certainly help to end your suffering swiftly. In fact, piles can be eliminated as soon as in just 48 hours using the all natural remedies listed HERE

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