How to treat piles naturally at home

Piles do not discriminate and so it can happen on both men and women. It is likewise postulated that more than 50% of people above the age of 40 years had a higher probability of getting this disorder from time to time. Thus, you are certainly not alone if you are having this condition.


It also holds true that other factors such as pregnancy, poor diet plan, irregularity, diarrhea as well as prolonged seating can lead to hemorrhoids flare up. Depending on where your piles occur, they can broadly classified into 2 types.

Internal hemorrhoids – Piles that materialize themselves inside the anal canal. Due to the fact that this is the outcome of the visceral nerves in your inner rectum area, you usually do not feel pain. However, bleeding often occur when you attempt to pass a hardened stool that irritates the swollen anus surface. The lining can likewise become loose and push out of the rectum. This is when it turns into what is called a prolapsed pile.

External piles – Hemorrhoids that prevail on the outer parts of your anus. They can be incredibly agonizing due to the present of somatic nerve cells. The size of external piles can sometime be as big as a grape. When the swelling of the hemorrhoidal tissue turns severe, it can be little tricky to clean your rectum after each defecation.


Since hemorrhoidal surgery often results in undesirable side results such as massive discomfort as well as bleeding, natural remedies for piles are ending up being a favourite selection amongst hemorrhoid patients as they could actually bring some positive results.

How to treat piles naturally at home?

Witch hazel, a form of natural plant, is widely used as a mean to address hemorrhoids condition. You can either apply witch hazel ointment on your swollen piles or soak a cotton ball in witch hazel solution and leave it on the opening to your anal canal for about an hour. This will aid in relieving the pain and swelling of piles.

You may also go for a warm sitz bath that lasts for 15 minutes daily to assist in unwinding the inflamed veins around your anus. Sitz bath tubs (which can be purchased from most pharmacies) are just small water containers designed for submerging your anal area while sitting in toilet bowel.


Go for more whole grain items will certainly be beneficial when you’re experiencing hemorrhoids. These whole grain products contain an excellent quantity of fiber which is highly effective in relieving piles symptoms and bleeding. It has the essential nutrients that is required by your body to clear out the gastro-intestinal system, prevents irregularity and enables your colon to work better. Some recommended whole grain products includes oats, barley, brown rice and buckwheat. Have them regularly will assist to soften your stool and reduces the need to strain throughout defecation.

Drinking sufficient water will help to discharge your body toxic and hydrates the whole body. It will also help in your bowel motions and keep the stools soft and paddy for easily discharge. You will need to consume about 10 glasses of plain water each day to get relief from the discomfort and blood loss as a result of piles.

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