How to treat hemorrhoids without surgery

I know how it feels like when you are having those horrible hemorrhoids right in your anus. Inflamed piles bring along immense pain to those who had them and in most instances, bleeding can possibly occurs. If you are having hemorrhoids right now and seeking for natural treatment, then you will find the following recommendations in this post useful.


How to treat hemorrhoids without surgery?

If medical surgery is not what you had in mind, there are some PROVEN natural WAYS to have your bleeding piles treated.

1. Reduce salt intake. To prevent any further aggravation to the swollensalt piles, it is important to avoid any fluid retention in your body. Too much sodium in your body will certainly cause fluid retention, which in turn will cause your body to swell, that includes the blood vessels that trigger piles. By making mindful modifications in your diet plan, minimizing salt intake and increasing water consumption, you will be able to cure and avoid getting piles.

2. Avoid using dry rough toilet paper. Go for wet clean or moisten paper to clean the anus after bowel motion. The roughness of the dry toilet paper tends to cause further “injury” to the already inflamed anus veins when used to clean the rectum.

3. Taking a break from seating. To prevent or heal piles, it is vital to break from seatingrefrain from prolong period of seating. You need to alternate between sitting and standing posture. When you sit for an extended periods of time, you are exerting extra pressure on your inflamed anus veins, making the hemorrhoids condition even worse.

4. Toilet habit. If you do have hemorrhoids, be mindful of the following:
– How “hard” you are wiping your anus after bowel release?
– Did you wash your anus with water after bowel motion?
Cleaning too hard can aggravate the piles and might even cause them to bleed. A good practise will be to gently wash your anus spot at least 3 times per week. Of course, if you can do that daily, that’s would be the best way to prevent any hemorrhoids from “visiting” you 🙂

As you had uncovered, there are numerous ways that you can adopt to ensure healthy vein flow if you are the one who are prone to hemorrhoids. In fact, piles can be easily treated within merely 48 hours using the remedies right from HERE! 

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