How to treat hemorrhoids

You can’t seem to get any peaceful sleep. You can’t remain seated for prolong period. Your life seems to be in a mess. All thanks to your painful and annoying piles which is getting worse each day.

You are hoping that your hemorrhoid will get healed by itself but it appears that your wishes are not granted as the hemroid gets more annoying and even bleeding started to surface. It’s time to take some actions to address this pressing disorder.


Having say that, you may be wondering how to treat your hemorrhoids?

In fact, it is not at all difficult to have your piles treated. What you need to do is to take ACTIONS rather than suffer in silence. Following are some natural remedies, which I had used to heal my horrible hemorrhoid and they works marvelously.

1. Pay attention to what you are feasting on. Avoid hot and spicy foodstuff because of the phobia of exasperating the pain sensation, soreness as well as irritation in your hemorrhoid flare-ups. As reported by many studies, spices not merely trigger your hemorrhaging, they could potentially cause you to experience abdomen nauseous that could aggravate your piles hassles.

2. Right diet. You may be wondering what will be the so-called “ideal diet” to prevent as well as the address your hemorid? Opt for all types of berries, such as blueberry as well as raspberry that can potentially deter the inflammation of your hemorrhoidal venous blood vessel. Make use of essential olive oil and fish-oil when cooking your dishes. Incorporate someleafy green vegetables garlic, gingery and also red onion as part of your servings since they’re good in healing damaged cells. Try to eat more leafy green vegetables, which are full of iron such as green spinach and broccoli. Have more pumpkin, cabbage and cauliflowers since that are abundant in soluble fiber. Choose fresh fruits high in nutritional vitamins including bananas, oranges, pears, kiwi fruit as well as grapefruits.

3. Use of sitz bath. Maybe this is the first time that you had heard of sitz bath and maybe wondering what’s that? This is simply filling up your bathtub with warm water and immerses your swollen anus in it for about of 15mins. You could add in some baby oils or salt to the water as well. Carry out this routinely in the morning and night for a week and you will see it’s remarkable effort in smoothly your discomfort. This bath can cleanse your rectal region from any sort of harmful microorganisms, which often can lead to infectivity for any burst or hemorrhaging piles.

4.  Are you having a sedentary lifestyle? If time permits, do go for some light exercise such as yoga workouts, swimming or even slow stroll. Exercise will strengthen your rectum muscles as well as improve the blood circulation in your anus spot. This in turn will reduce your chances of any hemorrhoid flare up.

As you can learn from this short posting, there are indeed numerous ways that you could avoid and cure any hemorrhoids distress easily without the need for surgical solution. Why should you put up with your hemroid discomfort when you can have it heal within 48 hours from the remedies listed HERE

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