How to stop bleeding piles

Does the bloodstain that appears in your stool stun you? Are you pondering why blood appears in your stool? How could that had happened and what should you do?

Is it of no surprise that you get alarm when blood comes into sight with your feces. This is in fact some warning signal to YOU that you ought to have a look at your overall wellness.


When your anus tissues or blood veins get rupture, blood starts to bleed within your rectum spot and come into contact with your stool. This is where starting your hemorrhaging started. This usually comes with great pain and discomfort and YOU ought to have it addressed ASAP.

If you feel embarrassed to visit a doctor for treatment, why not try out the following remedies, which works well in assisting me to stop bleeding piles.

1. Warm water treatment – This is probably the cheapest way to have your bleeding hemorrhoids healed. Soak your anus within a bathtub half filled with warm water for about 15 mins per treatment. Do to 3 times each day till your hemroid cure.

2.  Avoid using toilet paper – You mean refrain from using toilet paper to clean anus after bowel motion? Yes, that’s right. I have found that rough texture from toilet paper tends to cause my anus getting inflamed. After switching to the use of baby wipes, my hemorrhoid conditions improve significantly.

3. Apply cold pack – Do you have ice cubes at home? You could make use of cold compression technique to have your bleeding piles under control. Place the ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap the content with a thin cloth. Apply it directly to your bleeding piles for around 10 mins and rest for 15 mins. Do this continuous for about 2 hours each day.

4. Use of apple cider vinegar – You can easily get hold of it from most retail stores. Go for unpasteurized vinegar, as it will offer the best result. Vinegar had been widely used for century in addressing any swelling and irritation of inflammation. Thus, it had an amazing effect in healing hemorrhoids. Apply a small portion of the undiluted vinegar on a cotton ball and apply it directly to your piles for about 15 mins. Do it 3 times a day for best results.

Now you had learnt what I had been using to heal my bleeding hemorrhoids, it’s time for YOU to put that into action. Do not procrastinate, as hemorrhoids could possibly get worse without treatment. In fact, you can have your bleeding piles treated within 48 hours from HERE! 

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