How To Remove Hemorrhoids Yourself

If you find yourself suffering from a painful lump around your anus, it could be a sign of hemorrhoid flare up. Hemorrhoid, or better known as piles, are basically varicose capillaries that develop in your rectum region. They frequently swell, itch, hemorrhage and bring along much discomfort in the butt.

Visiting doctors to have your hemorrhoids treated can be a rather awkward journey. Not one would feel comfortable having to bare their butt right in front of doctors right?


Fortunately, you can now have a choice to have that irritating disorder addressed naturally right from home. Sound great, right!

How To Remove Hemorrhoids Yourself?

1. Apply apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar aids to shrink the swelling and irritability caused by hemorrhoids. You can easily get a bottle of the vinegar right from any grocery shops. For best performance , go for unfiltered, raw vinegar. Dip a few drops of the vinegar to a cotton ball and delicately rub the ball against the swollen anus spot. You would feel an initial sting on the inflamed area, followed by itching relief thereafter. Repeat this treatment 3 times a day up till the swelling declines.

2. Warm compression remedy. Do you have a bathtub at home? Make use of it by filling it up with bathwarm water and soak your swollen rectum in the water for 20 minutes, 3 times daily. Position yourself in a way that the tepid water is having full contact with your piles. This treatment works great in offering instant pain relief as well as healing the swollen hemorrhoids gradually. It is important to keep the anus area clean and dry with a soft towel after each therapy.

3. Use an ice bag. Beside warm compression treatment, you can also go for cold compression therapy. Cold pack or chilly compresses will certainly aid to decrease the swelling and ease off the discomfort.

4. Avoid using dry toilet tissue. Dry rugged toilet tissue could irritate and exacerbate the already existing inflammation in your rectum region. Switch to soft toilet roll or even the use of baby wipes that do not include scents or liquor. This will minimize any “injury” to your delicate anus veins.

5. Supplement your fiber consumption. Adequate soluble dietary fiber is essential in keeping our stool soft and paddy, refraining the need to stain the anus during bowel release. You could either make a minor alteration in your routine meal to include more foods rich in fiber such as brown rice, wheat, corn and rice bran or go for some fiber supplements available in the market.

As you had learned from above, It is certainly not an impossible task to have your hemorrhoids managed from home. In fact, piles can be eliminated as fast as in 48 hours using natural remedies right from HERE! 

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