How to relieve hemorrhoids pain naturally

Aside from literally being a discomfort in your rectum area, hemorrhoids are varicose veins in your anus. If you’ve been experiencing much rectal itchiness, which can be merely bothersome or genuinely unpleasant, and at times comes with hemorrhaging, you are mostly likely having piles.


Do not blame on your bad luck as this disorder is a rather prevalent condition, impacting both males and females, and can appear internally or externally around the anus region.

Most of the time, this undesirable problem is the result of straining during bowel movement, and is particularly experienced by those suffering from constipation, the elderly as well as pregnant women.

Thankfully, piles aren’t particularly hazardous and are more of a problem than anything, so do not worry! Having say that, you still need to address this painful disorder one way or another, as they can trigger more problems if left untreated.

How to relieve hemorrhoids pain naturally?

1. Increase your intake of soluble dietary fiber. Hemorrhoids arise from constipation and straining during defecation. Thus it is not a surprise that having adequate fiber can help to mend your piles. Fiber assists to soften stools and is essential for colon and digestive health as a whole. This nutrient allows your body to clear out the intestinal system, preventing irregularity and allowing the colon to work at greater levels of effectiveness. Sources of fiber include: vegetables of all kinds, flax seeds, almonds, pistachios, pears, prunes and beans.


2. Witch hazel has the ability to aid shrinking your hemorrhoids and easing the pain and discomfort such as itching caused by piles. A cotton ball soaked with Witch Hazel can be gently applied on your hemorrhoids for about 10 minutes. Rinse the area with water after each treatment and keep the region dry.

3. Flax Seeds to Combat piles. Flax seeds are naturally high in Omega 3 oils and is a great way to soften stool to avoid constipation. Soak 1/4 cup of the seed overnight in a glass of water and consume the mixture the next day for a reliable anti -inflammatory constipation remedy. This works well in eliminating hemorrhoids. Alternative, you could add the flax seeds on salads or vegetables or grind and sprinkle the raw seeds on soups and salads.

4. The leaves of bitter gourd vines are understood to increase peristalsis to assist regulating the bowel movement. Draw out the juice from the crushed fresh bitter gourd leaves and have it 3 times a day for one month. Since bitter gourd is well known to aid in lowering blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure, so you will certainly get all the other health advantages while treating your hemorrhoids.

Medical surgery is certainly not the only way to have your hemorrhoids treated. As you had learned from above, this can be accomplished naturally and easily right from home. In fact, piles can be eliminated as swiftly as in just 48 hours right from HERE! 

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