How to relieve hemorrhoids pain at home

Are you struggling with the itching, discomfort or swelling as a result of the piles in your anal area? Do you wish to heal that bleeding hemorrhoids and make it goes away? Are you searching for the right methods to cure your piles naturally? If you do, please read on as I will have some good informative tips for YOU!


Of course, the following natural remedies might not work instantly in making your hemorrhoids go away over the night but it DO offer some smoothing effect on your painful piles. It is necessary to continue the solutions for 2 to 3 weeks to get the intended treatment effect.

How to relieve hemorrhoids pain at home?

Apply petroleum jelly to your piles before a bowel activity. A bowel movement, particularly a strong one, can aggravate hemorrhoids and trigger them to bleed. Applying petroleum jelly to your piles before a defecation will certainly help the stool pass efficiently without triggering bleeding. It can likewise assists to ease the discomfort.

There are still other natural treatments that can be done to alleviate piles. Do keep in mind that in cleaning the affected rectum area, warm water will certainly work effectively but for alleviating the discomfort triggered by hemorrhoids, cold compress will work more efficiently. This may even help to shrink the piles. Shrinking the hemorrhoids is necessary due to the fact that without effectively diminishing them, the pain and discomfort will still be felt.


Ginger is an exceptionally good natural food to combat piles. Go for this mixture (a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with lime juice, mint leaves and honey) 3 times daily for a week. It works amazing well in healing your hemorrhoids. You could also try this as well (Grind dried mango seeds into a powder and mix 2 tablespoons of this powder with honey).

Use of Apple Cider Vinegar. Consume diluted apple cider vinegar daily each day. Drink the vinegar water regularly, even between meals. I had personally tried this natural remedy and it works great for me, so you may like to give it a shot! At the same time, you can likewise soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and use it directly on the afflicted area.

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice to your drinking water and had that daily. Lemon provides relaxing effects and can aid to reduce the inflammation caused by piles. So do drink lemon water if your hemorrhoids are inflamed.

lemon water

Whole wheat bread can improve hemorrhoids. It can assist to reduce the soreness and skin irritation in your anus area. The next time you are making a sandwich, avoid using white bread and switch to whole grain wheat instead.

I hope you would find the above natural remedies useful in assisting you to end your hemorrhoids distress. In fact, you can get relief from piles distress in just 48 hours right from HERE! 

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