How to relieve hemorrhoid pain naturally

Are you fed up with that irritating, itching and painful swelling in your anus that couldn’t get healed? The “lump” that present in your rectum makes any activities (seating, walking) that had contact with your anus a nightmare…


If you happen to see bloodstains in your stool, your hemorrhoids condition might had worsen. Seek doctor treatment immediately as this might signal a much more complicated health issue.

How To Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain Naturally?

To have your hemorrhoids CURED naturally, following are some of the widely adopted remedies that proven to work.

1. Echinacea. This popular natural plant works great in treating itchiness caused by piles. It is frequently used to boost up body immune system and fight against inflammation. It’s antiseptic characteristic acts well to eliminate micro germs that causes sores. Dip a cotton ball into Echinacea extract and apply it directly on the piles. This offers instant pain relief from your aggravating hemorrhoids.

2. Witch hazel. Works like magic if your stubborn hemorrhoids just refuse witch hazelto heal. Witch hazel aids in giving you swift discomfort from the annoying piles and can be easily purchase from any pharmacies. Apply a few drops of witch hazel solution on a cotton wool and gently rub it on the swollen anus veins. It’s anti-inflammatory properties will assist to shrink the hemorrhoids rapidly.

3. Rutin. So, why is this good for hemorrhoids? It is a natural element present in a variety of plants and foods such as buckwheat, onion, broccoli, black tea, citrus as well as apple peels. Alternative, it is also easily available in the form of supplement. Rutin comes with quercetin, an antioxidant that can effectively heal any inflammations and strengthen blood vessels.

4. Aloe Vera. Have it as a form of juice. Aloe vera helps to make your stool soft and paddy, easily to be released during bowel motion. When you do not have to strain during defecation, hemorrhoids won’t be looking for you. If you do not like the taste of pure aloe vera juice, mix it with some apple juice. This works as well 🙂

5. Warm therapy. Simple warm water (easily available) can often be the BEST treatment to alleviate hemorrhoids discomfort. Fill a bathtub ½ full with warm water and sit in it with your knee raised for 20 minutes. This allows your piles to have full contact with the warm water for treatment. Be sure to dry up your anus after each session.

With the above natural remedies, you ought to be free from hemorrhoids nightmare and embarrassment speedily. In fact, piles can be CURED as fast as within 48 hours right from HERE! 

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