How to make hemorrhoids stop hurting

No one likes the feeling of having a “lump” popping out of his or her anus. The extreme pain, bleeding, and itching that caused by hemorrhoid distress is going to be the start of a horrible nightmare.


This is often a disorder that most sufferers would not like to consult with doctors as it is going to be awkward having to bare their anus right in front of doctors.

Fortunately aside from doctors, there are natural WAYS that can help to ease off the discomfort caused by hemorrhoid in anus spot.

How to make hemorrhoids stop hurting?

1. Go for diet rich in fiber. Soluble dietary fiber helps to keep our stool soft and paddy and prevent any constipation. This will ensure that you are able to have a smooth and easy bowel motion without the need to strain your rectum and causes any “injury” to the fragile anus veins. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber include avocado, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrot, eggplant, brown rice, oatmeal, grain breads as well as green leafy vegetables. Ensure that you go with fruits such as apples, bananas and pears that are rich in fiber.

2. Washroom hygienic. Keep away from using any rough, dry toilet rolls to clean your rectum after defecation. Tissue that comes with fragrances ought to be avoided as well because these active ingredients can lead to unnecessary irritation and horrible inflammation in your anus veins. Go for moist or baby wipes instead.

3. Lukewarm sitz bath. Looking for instant pain relief from the pile bathdiscomfort. This ought to be your very 1st choice. This natural remedy can be easily carried out at home. What you need is just a bathtub (which most households would have), filled with lukewarm water. Stay in the bathtub with your legs spread out. This will allow the heat from the warm water to heal the hemorrhoids. Do this 3 times daily with each session lasting about 15 minutes. Do remember to keep your rectum area dry after each treatment.

4. Witch hazel. An amazing astringent produced from the leaves that work well in relieving hemorrhoid pain and discomfort. It’s had an awesome effect in healing hemorrhoid tissue to offer swift recovery. You could easily get witch hazel solution from all major pharmacy. Apply a few drops of witch hazel solution on a piece of cotton swab and used it on the swollen piles. Let it sit on the hemorid for 10 minutes before removing it off. Use this treatment 3 times daily to get the optimum result,

Suffer in silence should NOT be your answer to hemorrhoids. I hope you would start adopting the above TIPS to have your annoying piles eliminated. In fact, hemorrhoids CAN be easily treated as fast as just 48 hours right from HERE! 

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