How to make hemorrhoids go away naturally

Hemorrhoid is of no doubt a common disorder that can easily attack folks of any ages and gender. The small lumps that appearing in your anus will not merely bring you much discomfort and in severe cases, it can shed blood as well. Thus, lots of hemorrhoid patients would like to know what are the best ways to make hemorrhoids go away naturally.

In mild cases, piles might silent vanish after tolerating you for a week or so. doctorBut they may leave behind loose skin that could possibly aggravate your anal canal. In severe instance, doctor will usually recommend surgery as a mean to remove the swollen hemroid.  If surgery operation is not what you have in mind, you can use the following natural remedies to ease the discomfort caused by hemorrhoid and gradually heal the pile.

1. Sitz Bath: This is where you will soak the hemorrhoids in a bathtub ¾ filled with warm water. The heat from the warm water will provide instant relief from your painful pile. To get the best result, you will need to immerse your anus in warm water for at least 15mins daily. Do this regularly and you will observe the hemorid will shrink gradually.

2. Red Potato: You can easily get this from any grocery stores. Cut the red potatopotato into pieces (size of a finger) and insert it straight to your anus. You could instantly feel the relief that it provides on your hemorrhoid pain.

3. Green Onions. Grated the green onions and blended it with wheat flour and water. Deep fried the mixture and allow it to cool down. Spread the mixture on a clean cotton fabric and apply it to your inflamed hemorrhoid before going to bed each night. Your hemorrhoid will clear up within 2 days.

4. Papaya comes to the rescue. Do you know that papaya has a remarkably healing effect on your uncomfortable piles. Include papaya in your daily meal regime and you will observe the hemorrhoid’s swelling and pain start healing within a week.

As you can see, there are numerous means of treating any piles distress. You will need to have them addressed promptly as any delay in treatment could lead to hemorrhaging. Fortunately it is not at all difficult to have hemorrhoid swiftly cured in just 48 hours from the natural remedies listed HERE! 

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