How to heal hemorrhoids and fissures naturally

You may not have known this, till the moment you had that painful disorder in your anus…hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids or often identify as piles are essentially varicose capillaries inside the rectum or anus. If left untreated, the condition could get worse and needs medical surgery. Fortunately, piles can be safely eliminated by various means, with natural approaches taking the lead.


How to heal hemorrhoids and fissures naturally?

1. Cold compression. Ever though that ice can do wonder in healing your piles? You would be surprise to learn that it does! And most of all, it is easily available from home. Put some ice cubes in a cotton cloth or make use of an ice bag, have it gently applied on your swollen hemorrhoids for 5 minutes. Repeat this process for 30 minutes. This treatment offers instant pain relieve and shrink the size of the piles.

2. Natural aloe vera plant. As an astringent as well as disinfectant, aloe vera works well in easing hemorrhaging caused by piles. You could make use of aloe vera plant, extract the flesh from its leaf and used it on the hemorrhoids and fissures Alternative, you could purchase the readymade aloe vera gel or creams to address the agonizing piles.

3. Fresh Tomatoes. If you like tomatoes in your sandwiches, you will be glad to know that it helps intomatoes healing hemorrhoids as well. Besides possess numerous benefit to your health, it also aids to shrink the swelling piles. The acidic natural possesses by tomatoes gives you instant discomfort relieve when applying tomatoes slices to the hemroids fissures.

4. Bananas. Stressing during bowel motion is one of the key factor triggering hemorrhoid distress. Any pressure exerted on the rectum capillaries can easily lead to swollen veins, causing piles. You can have a smooth defecation by having meal rich in soluble dietary fibers. Go for 2 ripe bananas after each meal can certainly avoid constipation.

5. Hygiene. Simple and yet effective approach. To have your hemorrhoids healed, it is essential to keep the afflicted area clean and dry. Use only wet tissues or wet wipes for any clean up. Avoid using dry rough toilet tissue which can further aggravate the piles fissures. A sitz bath in a lukewarm temperature will certainly help in reducing the swelling as well as irritability of hemorrhoids.

Every hemorrhoid victim recognizes that this is an agonizing problem and often cause much discomfort and have a considerable impact on their daily life. With the help of the above natural remedies, it will certainly aid to address your discomfort and end your suffering. 

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