How to get rid of piles quickly

This question on “how to get rid of piles quickly” doesn’t fail to flash up in your mind whenever that annoying hemorrhoids of yours started to give you “trouble”. In fact, this is a pretty common ailment for folks of different gender and age group. Fortunately, you need not have to undergo painful surgical operation to have it removed.


Now that you are aware that surgical operation is certainly not the sole solution for your hemorrhoids, let’s take a peek at what are the alternative choices we have? I’m sure that you will get tons of remedies by doing some research online, but in this post, I will share with you what I have did to make my hemorrhoids go away quickly.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the remedies…

1. Soak your swollen piles with warm water (sitz bath). I’m sure that most households would have a bathtub, right? After filling that bathtub 3/4 full with warm water, soak your swollen piles in it for at least 15mins. Keep repeating this treatment at least 3 times daily till your hemorrhoids recovered.

2. Natural aloe vera remedies. Buy some natural aloe vera plant. Trim of its leaf and uses its flesh to gently message your hermoid. This treatment works best if you had your aloe vera frozen before using it on your piles. Alternative, if you find it too troublesome to DIY the natural aloe vera plant, you can always get some ready make aloe vera cream or gel from pharmacy stores.

3. Cold pack compression. You have tried sitz bath, which is often known as the “warm” treatment, now I shall introduce you the “cold” treatment. Basically, this treatment makes use of ice packs to address your swollen anus blood vessels. You will need to wrap the ice cubes with a soft cotton cloth and gently apply it to your hemorrhoids. Care must be taken not to ever apply the ice packs directly to your hemroids. You can have this treatment go hand in hand with sitz bath, that is, “warm” treatment in daytime, “cold” treatment in nighttime.

4. Stop using toilet rolls. You might be pondering how should I clean my anus after each bowel activities without toilet rolls? In fact, if you are suffering from hemorrhaging, using toilet rolls that often had rough texture will only agonize your piles. Start using moistened pads or baby wipes to replace the toilet rolls.

Above are some changes, which I had adopted to help keeping my hemorrhoids in check. It certainly doesn’t take long for me to “see” its benefit effects. I have my annoying hemorrhoids cured within a week. In fact, if you wish to end your suffering, there is a way from HERE to make hemorrhoids vanish within 48 hours

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