How to get rid of piles naturally and quickly

For those that suffered from hemorrhoids (venous swellings of the anal cushions) before, you would certainly aware how unpleasant this annoying condition can turn out to be. This disorder often brings along irritation and burning around your rectal area, making any activities that had to do with your anus, a NIGHTMARE!


If luck is on your side, your painful piles might just go away by itself after torturing you for weeks. For unfortunate ones, they turn to costly and painful surgical treatment to have their agonising hemorrhoids removed. But in most cases, their piles seem to return after getting well for months.

Piles is not life threatening and you need to only think about surgical treatment if you’ve tried all other non-surgical alternatives or are in extreme pain that need instant help. It is actually not necessary to undergo surgical treatment to treat your hemorrhoids as there are various WAYS to have hemorrhoids treated, with natural remedies taking the lead. (Why? Cos it is cheap and without any side effects :))

How to get rid of piles naturally and quickly?

Hemorrhoids treatment falls under categories like OTC medications, rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, coagulation, surgical hemorrhoidal elimination treatments and of course, the natural remedies. Natural solutions seldom have negative side effects that other medicines may have and cure problems instead of just relieving the symptoms. With natural remedies, your piles often go away within a week.

witch hazel

Witch hazel is an effective natural treatment for hemorrhoids. It is in fact, a natural astringent and is one of the earliest recognized natural remedy for piles. You will find instant discomfort relief by applying witch hazel to your swollen anus veins. You can apply witch hazel 3 times a day, with an aseptic cotton pad to your hemorrhoids and it will certainly work as an astringent to halt the bleeding, swelling and discomfort caused by the piles.

Enhancing your fiber intake in your diet plan is yet another extremely effective natural treatment for piles. Most people suffer from hemorrhoids as a result of exerting large amount of pressure during bowel motion and cause damages to the anus veins and arteries, leading to inflammation and swelling. Share with you a tip, banana. Go for a banana daily will prevent constipation as it is a natural laxative.

A sitz bath is one of the very best understood natural treatments for piles. Simply fill your bathtub with warm water and dip your hemorrhoids in it for 20 minutes. For optimum effect, try opening up your legs so that the heat from cozy water can have maximum contact with your swollen anus veins, and do the “healing”. Remember to keep your rectum area dry after each treatment.


You should seek for treatment when your hemorrhoids is in the early stage. Do not delay the condition gets out of hand. In fact, hemorrhoids can be easily eliminated as fast as within 48 hours using the natural remedies listed HERE! 

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