How to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery

You may be enduring that painful and agonizing small lumps at appear out of the blue around your anus for month. This disorder is often known as hemorrhoids in medical world and though it is not going to be life-threatening condition, it could certainly cause much discomfort in your daily activities, especially on your rectum area.


Fortunately, medical surgery is not the sole solution for pile treatment. There are in fact various all-natural remedies that had been widely used by hemorrhoid patients to have their piles self managed and treated.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery?

1. Go for high-fiber diet plan. This is certainly going to be an effective andbrown rice long lasting way to stop those awkward, upsetting and uncomfortable piles. Make changes to your routine diet regimen to include high fiber meals such as bran, broccoli, cabbage, berries, leafy green veggies, celery, squash, grains, mushrooms, brown rice as well as oranges. Your body needs at least 25g of nutritional fiber daily. Soluble dietary fiber in your diet helps to make your bowel activities much smoother and avoid any needs for stressing on rectum.

2. Keep anus area clean and dry. Sound easy right? But in most situation, with the use of dry and rough toilet tissue, it could easily irritated our delicate rectum veins, leading to hemorrhoid distress. Make it a habit to wash your anus spot during bath and keep the area dry after the bath. During defecation, clean the rectum with wet wipes rather than coarse tissue.

3. Sitz bath. Ever heard that before? This is more of a hot compression treatment. What you need is a bathtub filled with warm water and rests your lower body in the tub for 20 mins. For optimum healing effect, try exposing your anus area to the cozy water so as to allow the heat to ease the piles swelling.

4. Alternate cold and warm treatment. I’m sure you should have come across the so-called “warm and cool compress” to relieve hemorrhoids pain and discomforts. This can be easily carried out from home. What you need for hot compress is just to saturate a towel in hot water and rinse it a bit. Apply the towel to your piles for 10 minutes and switch to cold compress. To prepare for cold compress, you could saturate another towel in cold water, rinse it a bit and apply to the hemorrhoids for another 10 minutes. Alternate this treatment for 3 cycles daily.

5. Tea bag. Besides using them as beverages, do you know that they had tea bagan amazing effect in healing any inflammation conditions? Green tea bag works best but other form of tea bags do have the intended healing effect. What you need to do is to soak the green tea bag in warm water for about 2 minutes, rinse off the water and applied it to the swollen hemorrhoids. Held it in position till the tea bag is no longer warm. This treatment offers almost instant discomfort relief on your irritation caused by piles.

Piles could be scratchy at times and possibly drive you insane, as you couldn’t scrape them. If you scrape, it is going to aggravate the disorder by inducing tiny micro bacteria in the inflamed cells. Make use of the above REMEDIES to end your suffering that hemorrhoid bring to you! 

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