How to get rid of hemorrhoids while pregnant

It is of no doubt a happy occasion when you had found out that you are going to be a mom. But are you prepared for your bodily changes that are going to take place when you are pregnant, more specially is the regular flare up of hemorrhoids with the pre and post pregnancy?

How to get rid of hemorrhoids while pregnant

Why is hemorrhoid distress pretty common for pregnant ladies?

To answer is query; we need to know what are causing piles to flare up. Quite often, pregnant ladies will start to experience hemroids during late maternity. However, this can also emerge in early maternity stages as well.

When there is persistent pressure exerted on the pelvic spots, the delicate veins in that location will start to swell up, causing the form up of internal or external hemorrhoids. They are often bring long much discomfort (pain as well as itchiness) to the sufferers. In severe cases, hemorrhaging might occur.

The significant source of this pressure is the weight of the growing baby. Infant in mother’s body can grow in size considerably during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Coupled with common symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea, this added on to the unnecessary pressure placed on the anal canal. Other prevalent factors include prolong sitting posture, straining during bowel activities, and being overweight.

Having covered some of the common triggering factors for hemorrhoids flare-up, let touch on the KEY points to address pile distress.

How to CURE and PREVENT hemorrhoids?

The presence of the fetus makes dealing with hemorrhoids a bit more complicated than usual for pregnant ladies. Having said that, it can still be accomplished with the right natural remedies and approaches.

1. Prevent Constipation: This can easily be attained through the diet waterregime. Just need to ensure that you are getting adequate soluble dietary fiber (min. 25g daily). Fiber alone however might not provide the result that you are hoping for. You will also need to have sufficient intake of plain water daily. This will make certain that your stool is soft and easily release during bowel motion. Be mindful to increase your fiber intake gradually as over dose could possibly lead to looseness of the bowels, which can also adds to hemorrhoid development.

2. Regularly workout: Exercise regularly not only improve your general wellness, it also aids in your digestion and assists with defecation. Avoid any strenuous exercise when pregnant. Slow leisure walk (30 minutes daily) is the best option if you are not generally active.

3. Do not strain your rectum: Don’t compel yourself to go to the washroom if you do not have the urge. If you are having difficulty in releasing your stool, leave the toilet and attempt once again when the urge is there. Do not exert pressure on the anus and attempt to force out the stool. Do your bowel release swiftly and leave the toilet bowel once it’s done. The longer you seated on the toilet bowel, the more strain it exerts on the pelvis.

4. Sleeping posture: You may never have thought that sleeping posture plays a role in your hemorrhoid distress. Sleeping on your back puts pressure on the pelvis area. It is best to rest on your left side. In fact, resting on your left side is an excellent way to relief your rectal veins from pressure.

5. Balance Activity: Rule of thumb – Avoid remain seated or stationary in one posture for prolong period of time as this tends to puts pressure on the pelvis. Take frequent breaks in between to walk around.

I hope that you would find the above tips from HERE useful in helping you to cope with hemorrhoids. Please exercise extra caution if you are consuming medications to address the piles distress. Some medicines can trigger negative side effects and adversely impact the fetus. 

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