How to cure piles naturally

Hemorrhoids, which is often called piles, is a common disorder that everyone of us will have to go through at one point in life. It is identified by the swelling of veins in our anal area, making our bowel motion a nightmare!


There are various different signs of hemorrhoids flare up and its victims could experience any of the following:

1. blood during defecation which is pain-free
2. irritation or itchiness in the rectum
3. pain or swelling in the anal region
4. an uncomfortable lump near the rectum or uncontrollable passage of feces.
5. You may also notice small amounts of blood on your feces or toilet tissue when you are doing the cleaning

From medical statistics, as we get older, the likelihood of getting piles increases and relying solely on over the counter medication creams doesn’t seem to make our hemorrhoids go away.

How To Cure Piles Naturally?

Fortunately, we can make us of some natural remedies that had proven over the times to work well in combating piles distress.

tea bag

Use of tea bag on your swollen hemorrhoids. While you can certainly drink it as a form of beverages, the best way to relieve the discomfort and itching from piles is to apply the warm tea bag right on your hemorrhoids. It should be warm but not scalding hot that will hurt you. Leave the tea bag on your swollen piles till it cools down, which will likely take about 10 minutes. Repeat this treatment as many times as you needed.

Use of witch hazel. This can be readily available as gel or solution form in all pharmacy. Witch Hazel possess natural astringent attribute that works well in healing the swelling and pain caused by the hemorrhoid. You can also make use of aloe vera gel on your piles to obtain the discomfort relief. Aloe vera had an amazing effect in curing inflammations. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar also have a similar result.

Horse Chestnut is yet another reliable solution if the cause for your piles flare up is due to poor blood flow. Aescin, which is found in horse chestnut has the ability to reinforce the walls of veins and reduce swelling. You can buy horse chestnut in a form of pill (supplement), tea or use it as a compress on your afflicted rectum area.

Apart from these solutions, you can likewise adopt some prevention approaches to prevent your hemorrhoids from flaring up.

whole wheat bread

Eat more whole grain product. Whole grain foods possess ample soluble dietary fiber which helps to clean out your gastrointestinal system, avoids constipation and permits your colon to work better. Fiber food assists to soften the stool and avoid the need to stress during bowel activity, thus preventing hemorrhoids from recurring.

Consume adequate water will certainly helps to cleanse and hydrates your whole body. It also helps to facilitate your bowel motions and keep the stools soft. Go for about 8 glasses of plain water daily.

I hope by now you would have gain some insight on how to heal and avoid your hemorrhoids from flaring up. If you are suffering from painful piles right now and need fast treatment, the remedies listed HERE would certainly end your suffering in just 48 hours

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