How do you get rid of hemorrhoids naturally

If you experience significant discomfort in your rectum, particularly during the time when you are attempting to clear any bowels, you could be suffering from a disorder known as hemorrhaging. The discomfort could possible get more intense, making seating a nightmare right after every bowel movement.


Piles flare up is usually not life threatening, BUT they bring the victims tons of pain and inconvenient. Hemorrhoids can “attack” any age groups and gender with pregnant ladies taking the lead. Piles may take place internally or externally causing different degree of discomfort. Some unfortunate folks do get both exterior and interior hemroids at the same time.

Is there any means to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally?

The good news is that since piles are certainly not a new illness, there are numerous natural WAYS that have been proven to address this disorder.

1. Watch out your bowel habits. During bowel defecation, refrain from stressing your rectum to clear bowel. Cut down the time you spend clearing your stool, i.e the longer you remain seated on the toilet bowl, the more likely you will strain your anus blood vessel causing hemorrhoid flare up.

2. How you clean your anus after bowel release? Make certain that you wash the anus with gentle soap and water and keep the area dry. If this option is not feasible, wipe the anus using wet tissue.

3. Go for warm bath. If you have a bathtub at home, fill it ¾ with lukewarm water and immerse your swollen piles in the water for 15mins. This not only eases the pain but offer healing on hemorrhoid as well. Do remember to dry up the anus spot after the bath.


4. Observe the “hardness” of your stool. If you keep having difficulty in clearing your stool mainly because it is dry and tough, you will attempt to strain and stress your anus to “push” them out. This will cause inflammation to your anus blood vessels leading to hemorrhoid distress. Alter your diet regime to include fruits and meals that had high soluble fibre content which can help to soften your stool.

Here you go, it is much simpler and risk free to have your hemorrhoids treated naturally. In fact, you can have your piles TREATED within 48 hours through the natural remedies from HERE! 

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