How do I get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery

It is not unusual to find hemorrhoids in our rectum. Hemorrhoids, typically identified as piles, are blood vessels cushions situated within the anus region. These cushions serve a mean to allow us to pass motion without leaking stools. It is when there is blood loss, pain, prolapse or discharge that we started to get worried.


In fact, hemorrhoids do not appear overnight. They “grow” slowly over the time. Some common factors that are well known to bring about this condition include increased pressure in the rectum due to the weight of infant (pregnancy) and constipation. Hereditary aspects could also play a role in piles flare up. Prolong duration of sitting or standing on hard ground and lifting of heavy objects can likewise lead to hemorrhoids distress as well.

Given the knowledge that is accumulated on this disorder, there are certainly WAYS that you could possibly adopt to prevent and end your suffering with hemorrhoids.

How do I get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery?

Garlic is one of a best anti-inflammatory food that all health experts can concur on. It works extremely well in battling any inflammation conditions. You could go for garlic supplements (which are readily available in most health stores) as a way to heal chronic inflammation or try using pure garlic in your cooking. For optimum result, mince it or slice it up in your cooking. Avoid overcooking it. You’re looking to soften it up and release its tastes without burning it.


Asparagus is likewise another natural spring vegetable that possess anti-inflammatory. Add this to your regular meal regularly and you would be able to free yourself from piles distress. It tastes good by itself and goes well with other dishes. I would strongly recommend that you go for fresh asparagus if possible.

Dried mango seed, another effective natural remedy for eliminating unpleasant hemorrhoids. Mix about 2 grams of powdered mango seed with honey in a cup of water and drink the mixture. It assists in avoiding constipation and promotes smooth bowel motion.

Witch hazel is widely used in addressing inflammatory issue as it possess natural astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is mainly used on healing external piles (as a natural itch reliever) and aids to diminish swollen tissues. Witch hazel products (solution and gel) are readily available in all pharmacy . Use them as per directed in the product description guide.


Other natural approaches that you could adopt involve in some lifestyle modifications such as
consume adequate plain water (it assists to keep your stool soft), increase your fiber intake to 30 grams a day (you can go for fiber supplement or include foods such as fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your routine meals). Exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes per session) to promote better blood flow to your rectum area.

Hemorrhoids are certainly annoying and can cause great discomfort in your lifestyle. Make use of the natural ways right from HERE to end your suffering in just 48 hours

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