Best way to treat a hemorrhoid

Do you start feeling the pain in your anus the moment you merely take a seat in a sofa or having any bowel movement? If you keep experiencing this agonizing discomfort, beware as you may be suffering from what is widely known as hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids are the result from persistent strain forced on the anus or rectum due to bowel irregularity, lifting heavy object, and prolong seating or standing. These actions will make the rectal veins bulge and become inflamed.

The degree of discomfort that each hemroid patient undergoes can possibly differ greatly as it relies on how bad the piles distress is. In serious situation, the inflamed blood veins could “explode” and start to bleed.

If you ask around, you will know that there are numerous ways to have this agonizing disorder treated. I would say that there wouldn’t be a SINGLE remedy that could effectively and permanently cured this horrible pile.

Depending on what’s causing the hemorrhoid flare up, you will certainly find the following natural remedies USEFUL 🙂

1. Start working on the “right” diet. Ensure that your meals are high in fiber content and low in fat and sugars. This would help to ease the pressure exerted on the anus blood veins. Food such as brown rice, oatmeal, broccoli, potato, carrot and green peas are abundant in soluble fibre.

2. At least 8 glasses of plain water daily. Yes, water is essential in making sure that your stool stays soften and easily to be released. This would avoid you having to strain during bowel movement causing injury to anal veins.

3. Apply pads soaked with witch hazel to your hemorrhoid. You can either DIY it yourself or get those ready pack from any pharmaceutical stores. Witch hazel possesses amazing astringent effect and works well in healing any swelling in veins.

4. Sitz Baths – 2 times daily. This is the usual treatment that you will get to have any hemorrhoid treated in hospital or healthcare center. You can have it done from home as well using a bathtub. Fill the bathtub ¾ full with lukewarm water and dip your hemroid in it for 20 minutes. Ensure that you keep your anus dry after the bath.

I do hope that you will find the above remedies useful and help to address your annoying hemorrhoids. In fact, it is POSSIBLE to have any piles treated and eliminated within just 48 hours using the natural remedies listed HERE! 

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