At home hemorrhoid treatment

Having your piles treated at home is not going to be at all complicated and costly. If you have been torturing by your painful hemroids and feel embarrass visiting doctors from treatment, you DO have an alternative option. At home hemorrhoid treatment is definitely something worth giving a try!


Having said that, you may be pondering what are the essential “things” that you ought to have for home hemorrhoids treatment?

As I had mentioned earlier in the post, it is going to be UNCOMPLICATED!!!

So let’s get rolling….

1. How do you clean your anus after each bowel activity? Did you use coarse or perfume toilet paper? Have you been rubbing your anus spot excessively? Change your cleanse habit. Rub your anus area delicately in order not to aggravate your sensitive skin. Use only soft, unscented toilet paper or any infant wipe used for your delicate complexion.

2. Go for only warm bath, which widely known as sitz bath. Fill a tub along with tepid water up to 10cm. Relieve yourself within the bathtub for about 20 mins and lean back with legs elevated. This particular posture will most likely allow optimum coverage of your anal region in the lukewarm liquid and can eliminate any discomfort as well as soreness in your rectum.

tea bag

3. Do you have any tea bag at home? Soak a tea bag in warm water and apply it right to your swollen anus. The warmth effect from the teabag will offer calming benefit on your irritating hemorrhoid. In addition, the tannin present in tealeaf is often a natural astringent which assists to relieve inflammation as well as soreness.

4. Get yourself a bottle of witch hazel. Do you know that witch hazel is one of a popular remedy used to address hemorrhoids? The natural tannin that comes along with it is extremely effective in healing any swelling and discomfort that comes along with piles. You just need cotton ball dipped in witch hazel and rub it on your hemroid. Witch hazel solution is easily available in most pharmacy stores.

5. Improve your daily water intake. I’m sure that you are aware that our body needs ample of water to maintain its functionality. You should not consume water only when you are feeling thirsty. Water plays a vital role in ensuring that we have a smooth and pleasure bowel activity. Inadequate fluid in our body tends to result in hard stool, causing your to strain your anus during the course of releasing feces.

The earlier that you address your hemorrhoid distress, the faster it gets cured. It’s not at all difficult to have your piles eliminated within 48 hours through the remedies from HERE! 

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