Are Hemorrhoids Permanent

If you are right now suffering from the distressing hemorrhoids, you may be constantly asking yourself “are hemorrhoids permanent”?


Well, there is no fast answer to this question. It really depends if you have managed to address what’s causing or triggering your hemorrhoids condition. It is when these hidden factors are eliminated, then your piles may be CURED permanently.

Having said that, let’s have a review of what are the well known factors that tends to bring about hemroids, hopefully you can find the answers from below 🙂

1· Stressing during defecation

2· Resting for extended periods of time on the toilet bowl

3· Persistent looseness of the bowels or constipation

4· Excessive weight

5· Maternity

6· Anal sexual intercourse

7· Low-fiber diet regimen

Having looked at some of the popular causes for piles flare up, let’s talk about some prevalent solutions to heal and avoid hemorrhoids distress.

1. Consume more plain drinking water. Adequate fluid will help in softening your stools and assists in digesting your food. This in turn will ensure that you will have a smooth bowel movement regularly.

2. Go for some over-the-counter stool softener. These medical softeners usually do help in softening your stool motions and they are easily available in any large shops, pharmacies and natural food stores.

3. Opt for more high-fiber foods such as fresh green vegetables (steamed vegetables are terrific) and fruits. If possible, avoid cheese and milk products as they tend to further agitated your hemorrhoids.

4. Avoid using coarse or rough toilet paper. Try using baby wipes or wet tissues to clean your anus after defecation.

5. Using warm water to shrink hemorrhoids. Fill your bathtub ¾ full of warm water. Soak your swollen piles in it for 15mins. Do this 3 times each day. This can relieve the discomfort and swelling cause by hemorrhoids.

6. Use witch hazel. Witch hazel works well in dehydrating and shrinking hemorrhoids. After defecation, place a witch hazel pad near your hemorrhoids. This can assist in addressing any pain and itching caused by hemroids.

7. Refrain from prolong standing or sitting as these activities tends to exert extra pressure on your lower body and hinder blood flow to your anus veins.

As you had learned from this article, hemorrhoids distress is not permanent and they can be avoided and cured. In fact, it is possible to have your hemorrhoids CURED within 48 hours from the remedies listed HERE! 

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